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Behind Jenny Bird's Inspiration and Philosophy

Behind Jenny Bird's Inspiration and Philosophy

Leading Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird founded her eponymous line with a focus on creating design-led, contemporary essentials and modern statement pieces. In 2008, she began her creative and trendy jewelry line that instantly became a cult-favorite amongst celebrities and influencers.

Since starting her self-named brand, she has become a dominant international name with over 600 retailers worldwide. In 2011, she was lucky enough that her husband Adam was able to join the company as president. Later in 2014 and 2015, her admired designs lead to her nomination by CAFA for Canada’s Accessory Designer of the Year. In a past interview Jenny stated that her endless desire for “the new” drives her to keep creating.

“I founded my line as an extension of myself; rooted in an innate desire to build something. I am a self-taught designer, and, as it turns out, it’s the most intuitive, effortless process that I have ever known. Each piece I design is deeply inspired and well though-out; produced in the highest quality, and sold at a fair price.”

Originally from Elora, a small scenic and artistic town in Ontario, Canada, Jenny Bird still finds much of her inspiration from her natural surroundings. As a cultural observer, Jenny creates her pieces with a unique eye for beauty and design. In an interview with Anya Georgijevic, she describes her brand as “Canadian, boho-luxe and attainable.” She also describes the Jenny Bird woman as “free-spirited, approachable, strong, fun, cool, and of course stylish.”

“I want my ‘Birdgirls’ to feel my essence in each piece, and in turn, I love to see how their spirit and personal style brings a piece to life.”

All Jenny Bird products are sourced and manufactured ethically in Qingdao, China in the province of Shandong, south-east of Beijing. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing is at the essence of the Jenny Bird brand. Qingdao is known as a hub for fashion jewelry production with their innovative technology and pronounced skill in brass-based jewelry production. Fun fact – Qingdao is also home to world famous “Tsingtao” beer!

So what’s next for Jenny Bird? To keep designing, effortless and timeless pieces of course! Even during the pandemic, Jenny found inspiration for her designs from her own childhood memories and mementos that helped spark joy in her own life. “I am committed to a personal philosophy: the market does not need more soulless, short-lived fashion jewelry, nor does it need over-priced plated pieces. Each piece I design is deeply inspired and well thought-out; produced in the highest quality, and sold at a fair price.”

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