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Beat the Heat with these 3 Cooling Fabrics

Beat the Heat with these 3 Cooling Fabrics

It's mid summer and for most of us that means we're at the peak of hot weather! As nice is at is to stay in A/C all day, that's just not happening so we've picked out 3 of the best fabrics that will keep you cool all summer long.

1. Cotton

It's no surprise cotton is a popular fabric for summer months. It's lightweight, soft to the touch, and easily soaks up moisture. All this plus it's breathable properties make cotton an excellent choice for your mid-summer wardrobe.

woman outdoors by pool wearing a white v-neck, loose-fit, kaftan dress Sile Turkish Cotton V-Neck Caftan Dress | $90

Our favorite is this Sile Caftan Dress from because it's hand-loomed with soft Turkish cotton. A great option as a coverup by the pool or a lightweight dress for errands and casual gatherings.

2. Linen

Another fabric at the top of the list is linen. An excellent option because it's so thin and breathable, and it absorbs moisture while being able to dry very quickly, making it perfect for the hottest day of the year. Another benefit of linen is it's versatility. You can wear your favorite summer linen dress in the fall months with some ankle booties and in the spring time paired with sandals or tennis sneakers.

woman wearing a sleeveless coral pink midi dress and a sun hat and bag

Tarliza Schall | Gávea Linen Dress | $365

This pink linen midi dress by Tarliza Schall is a must-have for summer months. It's amazing pop of color, flattering cut, and the high quality  linen fabric sourced from Brazil make it a one-of-a-kind dress. 

3. Silk

Silk, especially high quality silk like mulberry is another great staple. Silk feels cool to the touch and is a great option for those with sensitive skin because it's natural and non-irritating. Keep in mind, silk is a little less breathable than cotton, but doesn't wrinkle as easily as linen, so it's a great choice for those hot summer nights when you need to spruce up you look, but still stay cool. 

woman outdoors wearing thin strap silk midi slip dress that's light green with small white floral pattern

MEIGMS | Green Floral Midi Dress | $185

Slip dresses are all the rage this season, but not all fabrics are treated the same. If you want to look hot without the sweat, opt for a lightweight 100% silk fabric as opposed to satin polyester––which tend to trap in heat.

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