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How Ellender is Spearheading the Size Gap with Fashion

How Ellender is Spearheading the Size Gap with Fashion

For the longest time, fashion in sizes 14 and up was absolutely atrocious. Finally, size-inclusive brands like Ellender have revolutionized the industry by creating beautiful, high quality pieces for every woman. “Ellender was truly born to fill a need. We strive to create inclusive, beautiful clothing for all. We will continue to fill that need in ways that delight us and our customers” says Charlotte Trotter, founder and designer.
Charlotte Trotter, Ellender Founder

The average American woman wears a size 14, and 68% of all American women are considered plus-size yet only 8% of brands carry clothing in their size. Even more appalling is that plus-size makes up only 0.1% of the luxury market, forcing plus-size women to have to seriously search for high quality.

So how much does the average American woman actually spend on her wardrobe? The average price of a piece of women’s clothing at an online multi-brand retailer is $364.38 for straight sizes and $83.47 for plus-sizes. Because plus-size clothing tends to have lower sell-through rates, buyers are hesitant to stock up on more expensive pieces. Nonetheless, plus-size shoppers are still looking for high quality luxury pieces that are usually unavailable for them to purchase.

According to the most recent figures available from market research firm NPD, US sales of women’s plus-size apparel reached $21.4 billion in 2016. The category is also growing substantially faster than the overall US apparel market, at a rate of 6% versus 3% percent year over year. In 2020, the women’s plus-size market in the US is estimated to be worth $24 billion. This number proves that there is a demand and marketplace for trendy and style-driven plus-size apparel but a lack of actual designers willing to do the work.

Ellender is a size-inclusive, easy to wear, expressive, and decidedly modern womenswear collection from Charleston, South Carolina. Designs by Ellender give every woman the curated palette from which to paint the masterpiece she is.
Reflecting on Ellender’s beginnings, founder Charlotte Trotter says she created the brand out of a need as a consumer first. “I found myself searching for a thing that did not exist. I wanted comfortable, beautiful clothing that made me feel together, but unfussy. I also happened to want it to come in my size.”

“Ellender is the perfect marriage of fun and unfussy” she tells us. For the Ellender girl, creativity isn’t a hobby — it’s a lifestyle. She defies convention in her own organic, unmistakable way; without looking like she’s trying too hard. She cultivates and exudes her own unique juju — part confident charmer, part flirt, part practitioner of enigmatic magic. Her life is a gallery of visual flavors, tactile emotions and movements that sing — she curates it with care, conviction, and unapologetic artistry. Surrender to a suit and skirt world? No, ma’am. She wants to adorn what mama gave her in styles that are as informed, trend-setting and carefree as she is.

The Ellender aesthetic is steeped in contrast and inclusion — bold prints; vibrant, vivacious colors; the artful incorporation of old and new; and unexpected textural juxtaposition are all key components of the irrepressible appeal. The fit, flow and structure of the pieces accentuate the inherent beauty that exists across the entire spectrum of the feminine form. The collection is purposefully designed to be sleek and textural; elegant and every day; and to work for clients at all points on the sizing chart.
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Everything about the exceptional creative vision and craft that radiates from Ellender designs suggests a place among the upper echelon of luxury brands — and the commensurate price point. But, characteristic of an emerging brand, the Ellender price point is eminently reasonable, appealing to a broad and diverse clientele.

Ellender strives to bridge the gap between quality pieces and accessible fashion attainable for all women.
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