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Falls Hottest Trends: This Seasons Arm Candy –The Mini Bag

Falls Hottest Trends: This Seasons Arm Candy –The Mini Bag

Women with Handbag and Slip Dress

Mei with the Alexandra De Curtis Siena Mini Satchel in Orange

Continuing in this series of this seasons popular and most notable trends, I want to highlight one of the more surprising styles—the mini bag trend.  

I must say, I initially did not get how this mini trend for handbags could be sustainable. Surely people like myself who put their whole life in a bag would never settle for such little storage. How can we put our laptop, our cosmetic bag, our wallet, our sunglasses, magazines, snacks, and a water bottle in a mini bag?  

Carmen Sol Alice Metallic Mini Jelly Bag

Carmen Sol Alice Metallic Mini Jelly Shoulder Bag

Maybe it is the few positive impacts of the pandemic, or maybe it is the adorable eye-candy nature of mini bags, but it survived through the harsh shutdowns when our only fashion moment was our daily walks with our dogs and the occasional, more formal zoom calls when only our top half was visible. Unexpectedly, the mini bag became a symbol of something that was missing in our life over the past year and a half: Hope! Hope that we can celebrate special moments with our friends and family; Hope that we can resume exploring and traveling to new countries; Hope that we can touch and laugh and hug without fear; Hope that we can finally look and feel our best—and to be able to share that with others.   

Double X Large Leather Triangle Bag

Double X Large Leather Triangle Bag

At Yes She May, we have a highly curated collection of mini bags in unique, modern shapes and colors. It first started with our summer straw bags—a must-have for those lazy beach days. Then we introduced Carmen Sol, an ex-Valentino designer that makes sustainable and rose-scented bags from a unique, jelly material. We were delighted to see and launch the second collection from a brand called Double X. This brand, based in Shanghai and owned by two female designers released a line of modern, geometric shaped bags that span sizes and colors. Last, but not least, we recently launched a luxury Italian brand, Alexandra De Curtis whose Rome-based company innovates with double sided leather to make their bags ultra-lightweight and sturdy. Their mini bag styles with bold colors are a favorite for many.  

Alexandra De Curtis Siena Mini Satchel

Alexandra De Curtis Siena Mini Satchel 

My hope is that smaller bags also let us think of essentials we must carry with us. One no longer needs a big wallet with technology like Apple Pay or other forms of digital payment. And indeed, a mini bag is not only good to look at, but also great to carry around all day and night. It is the easiest way to reduce the burden to your shoulders and back. 

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