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How To Be A More Sustainable Shopper

How To Be A More Sustainable Shopper

There are countless ways to be more sustainable! Usually what comes to mind is saving energy and water, reducing waste and recycling..but how about your shopping habits? Here are some quick tips on how you can become a more sustainable shopper!

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Always opt for quality pieces when making a purchase. You are not only saving money in the long run, but you also minimize your shopping trips.
Instead of buying a new work bag or backpack every year, it may be wise to invest in a durable, quality bag.
The Valletta Backpack is the perfect example of a quality piece! Some key features are the Napa leather, cushioned straps, a padded laptop compartment and interior water bottle holder!
Woman smiling sitting on chair with backpack over her shoulder

Switch To Sustainable Fashion

Fabrics like polyester are some of the most toxic materials to the earth. Time to make the switch.
We're loving the eco-friendly pieces by Angelrox. Each piece is made from soft bamboo and sustainable plant based fibers. Our favorite is the band, a soft, cozy headband that can also cover your ears in colder months.
woman outdoors with hand resting on her face

Swap Your Yoga Mat

Did you know most yoga mats are made of harmful PVC - one of the most toxic plastics? Another downside to PVC is that it cannot be recycled, this material usually ends up buried in landfills.
We love the yoga mats by Kulae because they're are all made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is an eco-friendly foam material made from non-toxic recycled biodegradable materials, making this a safe option for your health and the environment!
photo of pink yoga mat half rolled

Ditch The Plastic Bag!

Did you know plastic bags are non biodegradable and take 1,000 years to even break down? Make the switch to a reusable bag, especially one that can be washed easily and folded.
Our favorite is the roomy and durable Zoë Shopper Bag, a tote made of knitted cotton that can be machine washed and folded easily for carrying around or to stash in your car.
Photo of lower half of two women holding shopping bags
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