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How To Dress For Yourself!

How To Dress For Yourself!

Raise your hand if most of the time you are shopping for a new piece of clothing because you are going to be in an event and you know others would get really dressed up; or you want to snap a few photos to share on your Instagram. Let’s be honest, more often than not we get dressed to impress others!

That is why it is interesting when you think of designers who insist that we look inward and dress up to please our own sense as women, no matter if we are big or small!

Such is the case with our new designer of the week: Rico Cao.

Rico was the Creative Director at another fashion brand before she launched her own collection. After working in the fashion industry for more than 16 years in ready-to-wear, Rico decided to focus on making the most feminine of all clothing-dresses!

“The woman I am designing for is not wearing fashion for others! She is wearing it for herself!”

And to go with this self-awareness Rico designed the FF 2020 season with puff sleeves, poplin short shirt dresses, and in colors that demonstrate her focus on self-confidence: black, white and military green!

But why dresses? According to Rico, that has to do with the fact that a dress is one piece of garment that requires a great understanding and mastering of tailoring, appreciation of how fabrics form and drape, and one that emphasizes the most of feminine body!

(Shop the full collection here.)

Rico’s short military dress looks at once handsome and pretty, strong but still sexy. Her modern square-neck knitted top and skirt look effortless and chic! The black poplin shirt dress has a pair of puff sleeves that are so now yet so elegant! Pair that with leggings, or better still, leather leggings, and you rock!

Personally, I love dresses because they fix the problem of matching tops with bottoms. And this holiday season, when you have had enough of loungewear and yoga pants, maybe you will once again enjoy being a bit dressy, for that snap with your family or the zoom cocktail with your grandparents! Smile!


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