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How to Elevate Your Zoom Look

How to Elevate Your Zoom Look

We’ve been on enough video calls these past few months to know that everyone could use a little help looking their best on Zoom. Over the past few weeks, Mei and the Yes She May team have been optimizing our own video chat setup: from knowing where to sit to staying comfortable. Here are Mei’s tips and tricks to elevate your Zoom look.

1. Find good lighting. If you can’t find good natural light, use a ring light, big or small – both will help you glow! Either way, don’t let your biggest light source hit your back. You want your lighting to be in front of you to light up your face.

2. Find a cluster-free background. A more organized background will bring more attention to your face and make YOU look better. A cluttered background can also be distracting to your coworkers and associates.

3. Elevate your surface. Just by an inch or two to help you look your best! Show your best angle – you don’t want to look down on your coworkers.

4. Look energized with a swipe of color. Add a touch of lipstick or blush to look more lively and brighten up your face.

5. Add statement jewelry. Since your coworkers are looking at your face all day, why not add some glam? The cotton pearl earrings from Whisper enhance sophistication without the added weight of heavy large traditional pearls – so you can wear them all day!

6. Get comfortable. Use a blanket – don’t worry your coworkers won’t know if it’s on your lap! ;) Relax your eyes with a rose quartz eye mask and your neck with the Cherapy therapeutic pillow. This therapy pillow is made with cherry pits from Maryland for warmth and comfort.

7. Don’t forget to take a break! Get some fresh air, embrace nature, walk your dog! As we stay inside more often, we often forget the importance and benefits of fresh air.

Check out our IGTV for our full tips and tricks! Which ones are your favorites? Do you have any more #wfh tips?

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