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Meet the Founder: Mollie Twining of CBD for Life

Meet the Founder: Mollie Twining of CBD for Life

Mollie Twining is a founding partner of innovative wellness brand CBD For Life. We were so excited to learn about her and the CBD movement that we invited her to chat with us. Join us Thursday, February 4th for a live Q&A via IG Live! You won't want to miss out! Check our Q&A with the amazing female founder below:

Mollie Twinning Photo
Growing up, what event/person influenced you the most?
As a little girl it was Shirley Temple. I wanted to Dance, Sing and act like her! As I grew older I looked to Audrey Hepburn and all of her fabulous quotes for inspiration. My real life inspiration is my Dad.

What profession did you originally want to go into? Are you surprised at where you are now?
I wanted to be a Broadway Show Critic. Yes! I am very surprised (and thrilled) with where I am now.

Who influenced you the most in the business you are in now?
The true founder and my dear friend Beth Stavola. She is a true inspiration and leader in every sense.

What is your favorite book? Artist? Movie? Song?
Book-The Giving Tree. Movie-The Champ from long ago and more currently The Talented Mr. Ripley. I LOVE movies. Going to the movies is one of the things I miss most during these times.

What was the last item you bought?
New running sneakers. I was way overdue!

When you need inspiration, where do you go to find it?
I talk to my husband and friends and read blogs/books listen to podcasts by Glennan Doyle, Kelly Corrigan, Anna Quinlan and more.

When the Pandemic is over, what is the first thing you want to do?
Go to a broadway show. I miss Broadway!!!

What is your favorite city in the world?
Salzburg, Austria

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