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Mei’s Picks: Women-Owned Gifts for the Family

Mei’s Picks: Women-Owned Gifts for the Family

As a Chinese-American woman, celebrating Christmas and New Year is something I have enjoyed since I came to the US almost 30 years ago. Asians have always treated gifting as a very important language of love, one that in some cases transcends differences, ages and conflicts. The Asian tradition of gifting also emphasizes symbolism – you want to give things that are representational of happiness, fortune and longevity!

As the 2020 finally draws to an end, I've been reflecting on how much I miss my mom and sister in Hangzhou, China. This year will mark the first time in 30 years that I have not seen nor visited them within the year. Besides, what do you give to a woman, such as my sister, that has everything?

Well, look no further! Our start-up Yes She May is well curated to include nearly everything designed by a woman for another!

My sister Li is five years older than me, but no one can tell when we stand next to each other. Her name “Li” in Chinese stands for “Power and Strength” and she stands every bit for these qualities and more. Not only is she too a very celebrated entrepreneur in her own right, running the largest candle factory in terms of space in the world, she also oversees the daily management of a large household of my mom, and her immediately family of 6, plus 2 dogs, and 5 cats! She is also constantly meeting customers, and suppliers in person or online around the world.

But if there is anything that my sister Li needs, it is a good night sleep and something for her continuous back pain. So this holiday, I am giving her the Moonlit silk pillowcase, silk eye-mask with the Sleepy Spritzzz Mist, and the Be You CBD rub to relieve her back pain! All my friends that have bought the Be You CBD rub and tincture has been raving about how they’ve been able to get real relief and I am so excited for Li to finally try it!

be you cbd bundle

For my 84- year old mom who is still participating in everyday family activities, I am gifting the red Mini Cleo Alpaca Cardigan from Mia Peru. In China and many other Asian cultures, red stands for happiness and prosperity. It also symbolizes a wish from the senders and joyful sentiment. Mom, I imagine, would wear this to family banquets and gatherings where she will stand out and look radiant, as she always does, in the many family photos we snap of her.

I hope you see that even when you combine culture and tradition in gifting, it’s easy to find the answers if you just think carefully about what matters to your friends and family, and what matters to those around her! Whatever you give, always remember that giving the gift of women-owned is always truly valuable to the creators!


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