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Meet the Eco-Friendly, Versatile Designer: Roxi Suger

In the quaint, coastal town of Biddeford, Maine is a historic textile mill where Roxi Suger and her team design eco-friendly, versatile apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. Her line, Angelrox is a collection of sustainable pieces that are soft, stretchy, and comfy, made to be wrapped, layered, mixed and matched.

women working with fabric and sewing machines

For over 20 years, Roxi has been designing and creating her comfortable clothing with sustainability at the forefront. The brand mantra for Angelrox, “may peace prevail,” serves her mission to give back and encourages her passion for women to “glow from within”.

Born in Midwest City, Oklahoma and raised in Alabama, Roxi learned how to sew at the age of eight by her two adored “grannies,” Roxi was hooked and has never looked back.

She went on to graduate from the University of Alabama with a degree in Clothing, Textiles, and Design and immersed herself in the New York fashion industry. Roxi cites education as the core of her journey as she is an early-adopter of plant-based fabrics and sustainable practices. Her very first line she tried to launch in 1995 was to be called ‘Think’ and was composed of all hemp-based fabrics.

“The psychology of fashion and its impact on women and society has always been part of my passion as has the impact of our actions on the earth as well as the comfort of what we wear closest to our skin.”

Roxi is also committed to the environmental aspect of versatility – her designs serve women in their busy lives and allows them to wear a single item in multiple ways. “This enables them to be the creative force and require fewer pieces to achieve the same goals,” she tells us. Her various pledges towards sustainability, giving back, versatility, comfort, and timeless designs all serve towards her mission of being gentle towards the earth.

Roxi designs for women of all ages, stages, shapes, and sizes. “Because of the sumptuous stretch of our knits, most ladies can wear more than one size and ultimately the choice of what is right comes down to the customer and her comfort.” Her soft, breathable, and supportive fabrics are soothing even to the most sensitive of skin types. The multi-usability of Angelrox pieces is just one of the many aspects that makes the brand unique.

woman wearing long cardigan walking along beach

“It is beyond exciting and rewarding to take a simple bit of cloth and infuse it into something that can transform the way a woman feels about herself. Combatting the negative psychology of fashion and how to encourage women to recognize and celebrate their inherent beauty and worth remains my deepest goal.”

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