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3 Ingredients for An Easy, Breezy, Summer Style At Home

3 Ingredients for An Easy, Breezy, Summer Style At Home

Father’s Day has officially marked the start of summer! With many of us spending more time at home, how can you achieve a look that’s easy on the eyes and light on the wallet yet still communicates style?

There are elements to achieve that effortless easy, breezy, summer look. From the materials you wear, the shapes and colors you add, right down to the coordination of the outfit as a whole, we have the recipe for a look that is both chic and casual.


Valentina Black Linen Maxi Dress


Natural Fibers

What’s better than looking great? Feeling great, and that starts in the fabric. Particularly useful for the warmer months, you’ll want to wear materials that are cool to the touch, breezy, but still give you that effortless, chic look.That’s why linen has been sought after as the most desirable  fabric since the 16th century, truly a summer staple. Linen is an excellent addition to your wardrobe for its cooling properties and is meant to be worn nice and loose. Think linen maxi dress, button down shirt, or a pair of wide-leg linen pants.Up next we have silk, the lightest fabric of the sort. Silk is known for draping beautifully over the body and can be used to add another dimension to any outfit. For instance, some designers opt to add silk accents to their pieces such as silk sleeves of a linen dress or a silk tie at the waist. Incorporating different fabrics adds dimension to your look. This summer, add silk to your wardrobe, whether it be in the form of a silk slip dress or a silk scarf tied at the neck - either way you’ll be sure to feel sharp.You can’t talk about summer fabric without mentioning cotton. Much like linen, cotton is another natural fiber that allows air to circulate freely around the body, creating a look that is airy and free. A bright white cotton top, or white cotton maxi is the quintessential staple for summer fashion.


Bowie Raffia Loafer


Create Shape or Add Color!

Another way to add dimension to your look? Play around with shape and color. For example, a nice solid colored maxi dress pairs well with a pointed straw flat. The point of the toe creates a much more stylish, fashion-forward look especially with an oversized maxi.Color is another trick to balance cool with casual - and requires minimal effort. Throwing on a multi-colored necklace can do wonders to any outfit heavy on neutrals. You can also finish the look with a bold colored shoe in sunny yellow or a turquoise blue. Pops of color create excitement and add a unique element to your style. 

Summer Love Espadrille Flat


Finding Balance

Sure, it’s easy to throw on an oversized maxi dress and run out the door, but adding one more accessory can really be the difference between a comfortable outfit and one that is stylish.When choosing to wear baggy pieces, you’ll want to bring the eye to a focal point, the middle. That’s where a nice belt comes in handy to cinch the waist and really top off your look, creating a balance between the top half and bottom. Balancing your outfit is simple if you follow this tip: focus on one part of your body to highlight. For instance, if you have a strapless top, opt for a more covered bottom, maybe a maxi skirt or bell bottom jeans. Tie your outfit together with a complimentary necklace for a final touch.


Annabelle Necklace

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