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Vickie Adamson of L’Duex Continues to Inspire

Vickie Adamson of L’Duex Continues to Inspire

Meet L’Duex founder Vickie Adamson. After spending over 20 years as a fashion designer, stylist, and in the beauty industry, Vickie was on the hunt for a sophisticated yet resourceful product for women.

“From yoga studios to weddings, I'd see women at every age wearing an unsightly rubber band on their wrist they'd use to put their hair up. I thought, ‘There has to be something better than this! Why couldn't it be a really beautiful bracelet, too? We were all wearing it like that anyway.’ With my background in fashion design and my experience in the beauty industry, I started designing and prototyping on nights and weekends to develop my first line.”

Soon after, L’Duex was born – combining inspiring jewelry collections that double as fashionable hair pieces. Vickie tells us, “unlike the ‘dressed up rubber band’ attempts in the mass market, L'Duex is first, a piece of beautiful jewelry that women love to wear that doubles as a hair tie.”

Since launching in 2012, L’Duex has been spotted on various celebrities and is stocked in over 300 resorts, spas, and luxury retailers internationally. We love the natural aspect of the crystal pieces that also have some covert healing powers. L’Duex is the first brand to use these stones in hair accessories and Vickie is known to layer the pieces together when styling.

We asked Vickie about her inspiration for her brand and how she came about using so many naturally beautiful elements: “I was born into a family of free spirited writers & artists. I grew up watching my mother and father paint. I read my grandfather's novels and television scripts. I'm designing and creating constantly. It's in my blood. I've always been in awe of Mother Nature: Her textures. Her colors. Her organic shapes. No one is a better designer than her. Growing up, I collected minerals and gems which is funny to me now. I've definitely come full circle.”

Vickie is rightfully proud of her achievements with L’Duex. Not only is the brand women-owned but her entire staff is made up of women and run by women. So what’s next for Vickie and L’Duex? To keep creating and inspiring women, of course!

“I hope to keep inspiring and supporting other women in their journey and their dreams in honor of the women that did the same for me.”

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