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How to Look Your Best on Zoom

How to Look Your Best on Zoom

Over the past year, many of us have grown accustomed to the work-from-home lifestyle and sometimes that means putting less effort into getting ready for work. While it's nice to have the option of wearing our loungewear to Zoom meetings, pajamas just don't cut it when we want to look and feel our best.

Here's our top style tips for your next meeting so you can feel more polished and ready to take on the work day.

1. It's All in the Details

Since your top half will be the main focus on camera, opt for a blouse with an interesting detail whether it be a subtle flair at the collar, or a bow at the neck, adding interest is key. Ellender's Sheer Panel Button Down is the perfect example of a classic top that draws interest with the subtle mesh detailing.

Another zoom-ready tip for your outfit is to focus on fabric and fit. Breathable fabrics and loose-structured tops are a great way to feel relaxed while still looking stylish. For example, this Balloon Sleeve Blouse by Nude checks all the right boxes. The airy, linen fabric and loose silhouette allows for complete comfort without sacrificing on professionalism. Details like the gathered, billowy sleeves and banded collar add a stylish twist to this classic top.

2. Master Your Makeup

We all know Zoom meetings tend to wash out even the most glowing skin. That's why it's important to pay attention to your makeup. Creating dimension with contour and highlight will help bring shape to your face. We recommend La Bella Donna’s Multi-Use Palette, a 100% vegan palette that can be used for not just contour/highlight, but also as regular face powder and a natural eye shadow palette. Enhancing your brows will bring out your features and frame your face. Brow powders such as the Complete Brow Kit are a quick and easy way to fill in sparse brows without the precision needed with a brow pencil.

Lastly, adding a bold lip will help finish the look and add a pop of color. Opt for lipstick or gloss that contains skincare ingredients to keep you lips moisturized throughout the day. La Bella Donna’s lipsticks contain Ceramides and Vitamin C which help improve and protect your lips while giving it a boost of color. We love shell for a natural, dark nude shade and blossom if you are feeling bold. After applying your lipstick, dab your lips with your fingers and tap the transferred products to the apples of your cheeks for an extra pick me up.

3. Dazzle with Dainty Jewelry

Jewelry is a simple way to elevate your Zoom look. You'll want to avoid jewelry that is too heavy, large or flashy which can be uncomfortable or feel stuffy on camera. That's why we recommend sticking with classic pieces like small gold hoops and delicate rings.

Hestia is our go-to for jewelry that's both modern and subtle with pieces like the Ceramic Diamond Hoop Earrings which combine rose gold, white ceramic coating and feature an elegant baguette diamond in the front. A detail that's sure to catch some sparkle on camera without being overwhelming. Other earring options include mixed metal styles like the Two-Tone Gold Hoop. This reversible earring can be styled with either the 14K White Gold or 14K Yellow Gold in front to match your Zoom ensemble any day of the week.

Additionally, you can layer on necklaces to elevate your look. Two or three necklaces will do the trick. Make sure you have a variety of lengths to pull off this look and keep the chains thin and delicate. Hestia's Elemental Gold Modern Chain Necklace is the perfect choice. The dainty 14k gold chain features rectangular links and it comes in three different lengths so you can choose one or collect them all for that stunning layered look.

Shop the full collection and discover more Zoom-ready styles on Yes She May.

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