Our Founder

An Update from Our Founder, Mei Xu

by Courtney Hartford on Sep 28, 2020

woman in dress standing near mannequin

As you know I have been building a platform, Yes She May, to help women grow their businesses. With only 4 months since launch, Yesshemay.com has over 40 women-owned brands from around the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and of course the U.S.!



Backed by our in-house web team and new technology advanced multi-vendor platform (MVP), vendors can seamlessly integrate their e-commerce site on our platform. Vendors receive real time sales reports and customer orders - all with just a click of a button!

Due to our expertise in the four categories of Fashion, Beauty, Wellness and Home - we carefully curate each product so no two company will have to compete in the same style, range or price point!



With a heavy focus on brands' and their stories, we continue to build awareness of our women businesses with social media, email marketing and landing page features.

Lastly, we are excited to offer our vendors a very competitive discount with partners for logistics. We work with Fedex to provide up to a 50% discount for most of the domestic shipments and up to 80% off between U.S. and China!


woman outside wearing clear tote bag


Stay tuned for more updates on Yes She May and thank you for those who are continually supporting our cause to help women-owned businesses grow!