NPR How I Built This Podcast – Tune In!

by Mei Xu on Jun 05, 2020

NPR How I Built This Podcast – Tune In!

While I’m driving, I often tune into one of my favorite podcasts, NPR’s “How I Built This” where host Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s most successful companies to share their launch stories, inspirations and make-or-break moments.

I’m honored and humbled to be the featured story on this week’s “How I Built This” podcast and invite you to tune in to hear my journey from my arrival in the US as an “alien” at the airport to being invited to the White House seated next to President Barrack Obama as a panelist sharing advice on US job-creation at the White House Forum on Insourcing American Jobs.

Knowing how companies are formed, what drives people to innovate, and why entrepreneurs take risks is both interesting and empowering, and what we’re about at, where each week, we introduce you to new Doers, Designs and Destinations and share insights, opportunities, trends and takeaways to help you navigate the challenges you’re facing in launching or scaling your business.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but by connecting with other successful business owners, we can help each other build better enterprises. To that end, I’ve organized a new Facebook group — “Yes She May – Woman Entrepreneurs’ Community” — to connect and unite woman entrepreneurs from all lines of businesses with fellow female entrepreneurs.

Any idea you want to share with this female entrepreneurs’ community? Any help you need from your female entrepreneur fellows? Anything you would like to discuss with me? Join the Facebook group “Yes She May – Woman Entrepreneurs’ Community” and share your voice!



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