The Impact of Fragrance this Fall Season

by Courtney Hartford on Oct 15, 2020

The Impact of Fragrance this Fall Season

The fall season is a terrific time to give your home a lift. Now that we’re spending so much time at home this means we’re cooking a lot more, and our homes are filled with pets and kids running around! With all this activity, there is no better feeling than creating a clean and inviting home environment. How can you do this? It’s simple, add a home fragrance practice after you clean up. It's the finishing touch! 

And what better way to add fragrance to your home this fall than with the most popular seasonal fragrance - pumpkin spice. Almost everyone wants to buy a pumpkin spice fragrance - what’s not to like about the seasonal scent? It can remind you of a fresh pumpkin pie baking in the kitchen with all the sweet spices of nutmegs and sugar. Other popular seasonal fragrances include rich vanillas with elements of cinnamon and apple ciders with crisp apple notes. 

cinnamon and spices

How might these fragrances make you feel? Warm! People use these scents to decorate their home, particularly when they have families to celebrate with. These aromas can make you feel at home, or your memory of home. They take you back to those cheery moments when we’re celebrating with family.  

We often use fragrances depending on our different moods - perhaps a smoky, sexy scent for the evening and a citrusy sunny scent for daytime. Just like a change of moods, rooms of the home deserve different fragrances as well. While the pumpkin spice works well for the kitchen and large family rooms, you probably don’t want pumpkin spice in your bathroom.  

In the bathroom, we relax, and we pamper ourselves. Therefore, use fragrances such as eucalyptus, lemongrass and sometimes florals such as gardenia which feels almost like a perfume. These scents make you feel elevatedcleansed, refreshed. 

herbs and flowers

For the bedroom there's a whole science for good fragrances to make you feel calm and suggest a sense of peace and rest. In this case, what better fragrance than lavender and chamomile. Both have a restorative property that can put us in a more relaxed mode.  

Even the act of a burning candle brings us an intuitive sense of security and safety. If you think back in time, humans living in caves used fire to fight away dangers and predatory animals. Fire has always brought people closer. That's why restaurants light candles to create a sense of intimacy, as candles are often associated with romance. 

candle lit in darkness

To bring even more sensual fragrances in bedrooms, use scents with notes from the oriental family; this includes sandalwood, musk, and of course rose. These scents are more suggestive of intimacy. Even centuries ago, civilizations have used fragrances for many different purposes, even seduction. There is even the famous story of Cleopatra soaking the sails of her boat in sandalwood oil so Mark Anthony would catch her scent before he could even see her. 

As we move further into autumnthe holiday winter season is closer than you might think! People during this time start to enjoy a fragrance with notes of berries and pine or a combination of both, bringing together families and reliving fond memories of childhood. This year more than ever, we look forward to being able to do that again as fragrance gives us a sense of escape and connection.