How to Refresh Your Home When You’re Staying Inside More Often

by Elizabeth Pamboukian on Oct 29, 2020

How to Refresh Your Home When You’re Staying Inside More Often

By now, we’re probably tired at staring at the same old home décor and blank walls in our homes. Of course when you selected your current home, you probably weren’t anticipating a global pandemic causing you to be stuck at home for oh so long. Yes, we love our home but sometimes we need a little change.

Interior spaces need to have a good mix of everything – design, color, comfort, and even joy! Now is the perfect time to renew and change small details that can make a big difference in your overall mood. In addition to influencing your atmosphere, home décor can be an exciting and satisfying project.

Whether you live in a tiny apartment, regular suburban home, or extravagant mansion, just as we change our outfit every day, we all need to refresh our interior space from time to time as well. You probably can’t change where you live right now so why not make little spatial modifications instead?

As we are all spending so much time indoors, here are some of our top tips to make the most out of your home:

Rearrange your furniture.

One of the easiest things you can do to refresh your home look is to switch around your arrangement. Like matching your favorite top with a new skirt, exchange small tables, chairs, and decorative items to give a shifting new touch to your space.

Add some attitude to your walls.

Think of this as your accessories. Add some colors and life to your walls so you have something nice and uplifting to look at. Our Kinaloon prints are easy to throw on your walls and definitely make a statement!

Change up your pillows.

Another simple home hack is to switch out your pillow covers every once in a while for a customized interior. Change them up with your mood or whatever you’re feeling. Whether you switch out your pillow covers seasonally or once a year, it’s always good to have a new look!

Don’t be afraid to add texture.

Whatever your style, texture always adds interest and depth. Texture can easily be added with different weights of textiles. For example, fabric linens on curtains with a heavier weave on upholstery or a leather touch for utmost sophistication.

Finish off by lighting your favorite candle.

It’s called ambiance. Lighting a candle is a total mood changer – in a good way! Because of our associations with candlelight, our body begins to relax, alleviating stress and helping enhance how we feel emotionally and physically. So set an evening or end of the day routine with your favorite scent and voila!

Most importantly, stay home and stay safe. Did you enjoy our home tips? Let us know if you tried any out! We’d love to hear from you!