Your Guide to Fall’s Hottest Styles: Suiting Up

by Courtney Hartford on Sep 13, 2021

Your Guide to Fall’s Hottest Styles: Suiting Up

Finally, after all the summer months of declaring “we are going back to work, back to school, and back to the norm”, it finally does feel we are indeed “back” to a lifestyle somewhere between the pre and post-pandemic era. For those who are still searching in their closet and looking through social media for style inspirations, we are here to help. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing three major trends along with pieces from our fall collection that will help you transform your style and make dressing for fall a breeze so you can look good and feel good!

Fall Trend #1: Suiting up 

As soon as the temperature drops in the evening, expect to see suits and suit jackets on both men and women. There is always a sense of sharpness to this traditional menswear staple. From the quality of the fabric, the structure of the shoulders and collars, to the overall flattering fit, suits, and blazers can showcase a new form of modern femininity in women. At the same time, it lends an extra burst of confidence to those wearing them. Whenever I wear a suit I love, I feel extra powerful and ready to take on the day!

There are also several more unexpected trends for this fall including oversized blazers and cropped jacket. 

Blazer of satin tank and skirt set

(Blazer Over Satin Cami and Matching Skirt, Mooelpom, Yoyo Taylor)

Oversized blazers have taken root as the look continues to stay hot several years in a row. Whether it is pairing it with a floral French tea dress, a tank top with shorts (purposely so your shorts disappear under the large top), or when it is worn over a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans for the colder months. There is an unshakable urban coolness that comes with such a mix and match. You also do not need to buy expensive men’s suit jackets, just simply buy one or two sizes above your usual size.  

The cropped look—specifically cropped jackets and tops—became a wardrobe staple right around the time my stepdaughter, Lara, would use a pair of scissors to cut off her brothers’ shirts so that she could wear them with her baggy jeans. This worked like a miracle every time because the tops Lara cropped were often vintage and the mix of retro prints with modern jeans would finish her look beautifully.  

Cropped tops are everywhere for young women, from summer’s tanks and t-shirts to sweaters and hoodies. It particularly helps those who want to accentuate a pair of long legs! Chanel has often been credited with starting this elegant marvel of a design: a marriage between tailored suits with sensual, cropped length means it can be both feminine and powerful, while also being flirty and elongating. In other words, it is the most beautiful creation for women who wish to look taller instantly.

(Blue Double Breasted Blazer, YoYo Taylor)

No matter what catches your fancy this fall, an investment in an elegant suit jacket will be your first ticket back to reality. Not only is it going to make you confident and powerful, but it would also be versatile enough to carry you from day to night. All you need is a little bit of attitude that goes with it!

Shop our Back to Work Collection for more workwear inspiration and outfits. Be sure to follow us in the next few weeks as we share more style tips so you can look and feel your very best this fall!


(Left: Beige Vest Dress, YoYo Taylor. Right: Black Blazer, Black Crop Pants, YoYo Taylor.)