Beauty Is Balance

by Courtney Hartford on Jan 15, 2021

Beauty Is Balance

Wei Beauty does not seek to make you a different person than you are, it does not claim to make you look younger and your skin less wrinkled. What Wei Beauty does, is to help you recognize the power of plants, and the power of balance. Wei Beauty will help you become the best version of yourself.

Wei Brian was born in China and raised in a community of Chinese Herbal Doctors. Growing up, Wei was exposed to her family’s use of traditional medicine, and was naturally fascinated with flowers and plants. Wei spent time watching the medicine man dispatch dried herbs: often the doctor would write the prescription in calligraphy. And with that as a reference, the medicine person would use a scale to measure each ingredient. When all the ingredients were finished, they were carefully wrapped inside a piece of brown paper and tied with a cotton string, one package a time.

herbs wrapped in paper

Wei Beauty brings this experience to customers today in her bespoke and handcrafted packaging. Wei’s fascination with herbs only increased as her childhood friend introduced her to the ingredients to what has become the main focus of Wei Beauty: 18 prestigious herbs royal Ming formula. Wei Beauty incorporates an imperial this formula which dates back 700 years ago and was exclusively used by the Imperial House.

This is a tried and treasured recipe to balance Yin and Yang, to repair and invigorate tired skin so that it achieves a renewed suppleness! And years later, while living in the US, Wei finally started to pursue what she always wanted to do: delivering medicine in a bottle that captures the essence of the Yin and Yang balance of nature!  Beauty is balance was born.

two stones in white sand

A transformational family experience also informs Wei Beauty’s innovation. Wei Beauty was created while Wei and her husband Mark welcomed a son, Alex and daughter Katie.  After her son Alex was diagnosed to have Autism and Wei exhausted all ways of the best of what Western Medicine has to offer, she turned to a Chinese medicine doctor in Long Island, New York. It was there, Wei’s son had the most transformational treatment, one which traditional western medicine has failed while the Chinese medicine doctor was able to conquer. And Wei’s fascination of Chinese medicine turned on a strong belief that more people could benefit from this ancient and traditional way of looking at the relationship between illness and treatment, man and nature.

Close up photo of red peony flower

Using the secret Ming Dynasty Royal recipe Wei set out to combine some of the most exotic and known benefaction botanical ingredients: red peony blooming during the day from Northern China, combined with white peony blooming in the dark night with bright moon light so that once again the Yin and Yang are captured to create each ingredients’ most potent function, and combined to create products that promises to remove toxic elements, and help to restore and rejuvenate!

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