Meet the Founder: Unsun by Katonya Breaux

by Courtney Hartford on Jul 19, 2020

Meet the Founder: Unsun by Katonya Breaux

Is Unsun the secret behind Frank Ocean’s radiant skin? The singer-songwriter’s mother, Katonya Breaux created a broad-spectrum sunscreen line and skin-care company that works well for all skin types and skin tones, after years of frustration with existing SPFs that left an obvious white cast behind.

Unsun is a natural mineral-based sunscreen that is slightly tinted to work better for people of color but still functions for fair-toned skin types as well. Mineral-based sunscreens are considered to be “better for the skin” compared to chemical sunscreens, especially for sensitive skin, since they provide a layer of protection against the full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation – including blue light rays from daily screen time without having to absorb chemicals. Using mineral sunscreens also means you can go outside right away compared to chemical sunscreen which does not “activate” until 20 minutes of being absorbed into your skin. However, most mineral sunscreens are less convenient amid obvious stickiness and troublesome white residue. This is why Katonya Breaux created her impressively inclusive company dedicated to providing beauty and skin protection for women of all skin tones.


Her Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen in SPF 30 acts as a 100% mineral sunscreen primer and color corrector in one. The best-selling product comes in two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. This sunscreen helps minimize pores and moisturize while blending to cover a range of skin tones from very light to very dark without leaving behind any ghostly residue. The tinted formula blends smoothly to allow the sunscreen to be worn alone or under makeup to help you stay protected. Made with an incredible blend of natural extracts, this product is also amazingly clean, non-animal tested and reef-safe formulation.

Her growing portfolio of sun care products also includes the Protect and Smooth Emollient Rich Hand Cream made with a slew of revitalizing and anti-aging extracts such as cucumber to fight the sun and aging. Ideal for all skin types and tones, this hand cream also helps nourish skin while also keeping it protected. With Covid-19 still at large, we could offer our hands some more attention after washing them excessively!