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by Mei Xu
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An inspiring testimony

Burn is an inspiring testimony to the power of the human spirit. This book should be required reading for every American college student. Mei's insights into design, manufacturing and marketing innovation should be taught in Business Schools. Mei's personal example of persistence, hard work, and character benefits all of us. I found pages 86 thru 89 to be particularly noteworthy. Mei's discussion of her relationship with Target reflected personal growth & development which was highly commendable. It was a candid exposition which showed a lot of character on her part. Thank you Mei and Yes She May for giving me a copy of Burn. It was an excellent read.

Love this book!

I love to learn about the background of Mei's successful candle business! Such an inspiration to all the immigrants coming to the US.

J. Zhou
What to do when your career plan didn't work out?

Mei attended prestigious schools in China and had a passion for the art and craft of diplomacy and international relations. But instead of being a successful diplomat, she found herself tracking deliveries at a warehouse in a small city in China. She came to the US to start all over again: earned a master degree and was about to land a job at the World Bank, but once again her plan was thwarted by a hiring freeze. The book is about how her determination, creativity, and grit eventually led to a successful business. I love her Chesapeake Bay candles and always have one burning when I am home. Mei's candles are distinctively elegant, with various scents that are subtle yet can easily fill the room. And now she is helping other women by promoting their new brands with her newly founded online company YesSheMay. This book is also about how to start a business, overcome difficulties, with many practical tips. I recommended it to my collage age daughters and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start his/her own brand and business, or anyone who simply wants to read a well written and interesting story.

Robert M.
How and why grit, innovation, and a dash of luck can realize "the promise of America"

Mei Xu (pronounced "may she") wrote this book to convince those who read it that "the American Dream remains vital and accessible to all of us, so long as we are willing to [begin italics] burn[end italics] -- igniting the flame within and pursuing our passion with courage and creativity, innovating and adapting to our constantly changing society." The information, insights, and counsel she provides can be of substantial value to everyone -- immigrants and natives alike -- who are reluctant to pursue their own dreams. She shares all the lessons she has learned thus far from her entrepreneurial initiatives, including the most important dos and don'ts to keep in mind. I hasten to add that her wide and deep personal experience has eliminated all delusions while strengthening her resolve. Although no doubt charming and gracious as well as thoughtful and considerate, she also seems to be a diehard pragmatist who is determined to understand what works and what doesn't, then share what she has learned with as many people as possible. Mei Xu wrote this book as "a rousing call for more entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of innovation, creating a set of products and and services that solve consumer and environmental problems, making life more efficient and enjoyable in the process." Burn is a brilliant achievement. Bravo!

Andy S.
A fresh perspective

A fresh new perspective on how the power of product innovation―and one woman's determination―can transform an industry.