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Free U.S. Shipping Over $75

White Pine + Hinoki Room & Fabric Deodorizing Spray with Plant Enzymes


HF Room & Fabric Deodorizing Spray not only imparts a fresh and sophisticated scent, it's an enzymatic odor eliminator.  Even pet odors are no match for the plant power of this eco-friendly room & fabric freshener.  Great for carpets too.

  • White Pine + Hinoki: soft-needle evergreens, cedarwood, and Japanese cypress with a subtle waft of incense.
  • 16 FL OZ spray bottle 


Water, ECOCert Surfactants (Sulfate-Free), Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Essential Oils & Biodegradable Aromatics), ECOCert Preservative, Plant Enzymes

About the Brand:
Each scent in HENNY FAIRE Co.'s Foraged Fragrance collection is inspired by a botanical species native to Appalachia. Blending precious absolutes and plant essences with biodegradable, vegan aromatics, these scents are naturalistic, long-wearing, and distinctive.