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TEALEAVES is the tea blender of choice to five-star hotels and Michelin Chefs worldwide, and for those seeking to enjoy the highest quality teas at home. Founded in 1994 by Lana Sutherland, this brand is one of the few Master tea blenders in the world, known for hand-crafting the highest quality teas and botanicals in small batches. TEALEAVES sources ingredients from the world’s top-tier gardens to curate blends that are the ultimate expression of palate and complexity. With over 25 years of eclectic pursuits and innovative endeavors, TEALEAVES strives to push the boundaries of the tea experience.

  • Tealeaves

    Harmony Tea


    Gain serenity with our Harmony chamomile and peppermint tea. Discover a caffeine-free blend with a nuanced balance of blossoms and mint. Blending N...

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