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Free Domestic Shipping Over $75
Free Domestic Shipping Over $75

Women in the U.S. make over 85% of household purchase decisions,
yet their business represents less than 10% of what is available to consumers.

What is Yes She May?

  • Yes She May is an online shop for well-designed products in fashion, wellness, beauty, and home from women-owned brands.

  • We believe female founders have a deeper understanding of consumers’ pain points and deliver better products than established brands.

  • Our online platform allows you to discover and support women-owned
    business around the world.

How did we do it?

  • Founder Mei, Xu started consulting women businesses after she stepped down from being a CEO of Chesapeake Bay Candle in 2018.

  • Pandemic hits the U.S. in 2020 and many women-owned businesses are disrupted, lacking resources and access to consumers.
  • Yes She May launches in June 2020 to give female founders support in technology, logistics, and marketing so they can compete with established
    commerce players.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Test New Products: We test and understand the brands and products that we showcase so that consumers don’t have to.

  • Build Female-Led Brands: We provide each brand a unique voice to grow their strength and capacity through our support and consumer feedback.
  • Discover the World: We search the world and find authentic products that are of the highest quality and integrity

  • Tell the Story: We focus on sharing brand stories and building education, experience and relationships between consumers and brands that are longer lasting.

  • Facilitate Thoughtful Purchases: Consumers can make meaningful choices when making a purchase, this allows them to use their purses to support those they truly believe in.
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Send us an email at

Meet Our Team

Mei Xu,
Founder & CEO

Allyson Burkhardt,
Merchandising Director

Wesley Wang,
Chief Technology Officer

Courtney Hartford,
Marketing Specialist

Corina Heymann,
Creative Director

Maria Mesina,
Chief of Staff

Roland Tillery,
Vendor Relations Associate

Keming (Aria) Cao,
Accountant Specialist

Elizabeth Pamboukian,
Social Media Marketing Intern