The idea of Yes She May was born in April 2020 out of pandemic turmoil, fear, desperation, and an incredible resolution. Mei Xu, founder, and CEO of Yes She May built this site with a mission to elevate women-owned businesses, giving consumers’ the opportunity to discover well-designed products made for women by women.

At Yes She May, we’re not big on trends. We’re big on giving women what they want and what they deserve. We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. Our designs are inspired by the beautiful, strong women who demand a timeless, elegant and versatile wardrobe.


At Yes She May, we strive to be the leader in curating products designed to address women's wants and needs.

We don’t believe in following trends, but timeless styles that transcend seasons, geography, and culture! We strive for timeless garments as it is an elevated classic fashion style that ceases to look dated.

We are committed to helping consumers who are frustrated by the selection of products for their age, taste, and price points.

We want consumers to experience clothes that are unbelievably flattering— unlike the traditional department stores our solutions offer a more thoughtful & well-designed selection to provide women what they want and deserve.


Have you ever seen an exceptionally well-dressed person? They tend to have a look about them where you just know they paid more for their attire. And well, there’s a reason for it!

At Yes She May, we want to help our customers understand the true economy of fashion by showing that quality and well-made garments are timeless pieces that can allow you a few years of wearing versus a few days.

We are introducing the cost-per-wear concept to teach you how to splurge the right way, get more bang for your buck, and give you all the justification you need when adding quality to your wardrobe.

This powerful concept is going to help you make better purchases and invest in fashion that is great to own; made from natural fibers, and from artisans that we want to help: women designers and artisans from around the world!

By using cost-per-wear as a benchmark you will ultimately discover that quality is an extension of affordability.

When designed by a woman, it shows!


What does a woman want when she buys fashion? Is it to buy something to show power through which she can feel confident when invited to have a seat at the table for a Board Meeting? Is it to highlight her education and taste when she attends an opening of a salon show? Is it to showoff she has “it’: it being money, class, and success? Or perhaps, it is the weapon she needs to make a great impression on a romantic interest?

Each luxury and fast fashion brand have amplified its promises and their ambassadors have been added to the fashion world to make it even noisier when it is time for a woman to decide and choose what she wants, for herself!

We at Yes She May recognize while all these reasons may be why women want to buy fashion, the thing that matters most is that the fashion works for her, not the other way around. It is not about how she should fit into the fashion, but how the fashion should showcase her beauty, her style, and her attitude. In other words, our fashion should aim to make her look great, and feel better!

We start by inviting only women designers as we appreciate how they understand the function of fashion, for women! We then focus on natural materials that are a heritage for the fashion: silk, cotton, wool, and now even bamboo! These materials have stood the test of time.

We believe female founders have a deeper understanding of consumers’ pain points and deliver better products than established brands.


Many of the brands in our community are working towards creating products that are better for the environment and raising industry standards in how products are made and people are treated. We’re inspired every day by the work of the brands in our community and are thrilled to highlight the work they do in encompassing the following values.