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ORising Anti-Flake Hair Care Set


Ideal For: Dandruff, Flakes, Dry Scalp

This high-performance system was designed by Italian Haircare Specialists at ORising to help with flakes for a clean, healthy scalp. This 5 step set helps to cleanse, repair and moisturize the scalp. Products include: 

  1. Energetic Composition D Scalp Cleanser 150ml
  2. Multi-Energetic Scalp Serums 6 Vials/5ml
  3. Icelandic Moss Shampoo 250ml
  4. Energetic Hair Pack with Coconut Oil 150ml
  5. Icelandic Moss Scalp Lotion 100ml

    STEP 1. Energetic Composition D Scalp Cleanser: Shake well. Apply 5-10mL directly on the scalp and massage gently on dry hair. Continue to massage until completely applied throughout the scalp for 3-5 minutes. For a greater effect, put on a shower cap after application and leave on for 10 min. You may feel a tingling sensation which is normal, botanicals are activating. After massaging, leave treatment on for an additional 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

    STEP 2. Multi-Energetic Scalp Serum: Massage Multi-Energetic Serum onto cleanly washed scalp and distribute over the entire surface with circular motions. Leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

    STEP 3. Icelandic Moss Shampoo: Apply shampoo gently into the hair, work into a lather. Rinse and repeat.

    STEP 4. Energetic Hair Pack with Coconut Oil: Nourishing for the scalp. If hair is on the drier side, use this Energetic Hair Pack with Coconut Oil as a deep conditioner. Massage in the hair, leave on for 3-4 minutes. Rinse.

    STEP 5. Icelandic Moss Scalp Lotion: Apply ⅔ of the dropper into the scalp and massage for 3-4 minutes. Leave on, do not rinse off.