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Black Friday 20% OFF SALE | Free Returns

Buckwheat Lumbar Cushion - Red Plaid

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A decorative and supportive buckwheat sofa cushion to use wherever you need more support - on the couch, in the car, at a desk, or for meditation.

  • Filled with 4.5 lbs USA-grown buckwheat hulls that are cleaned without chemicals or fumigants

  • Measures 22" x 14" - Removable cover made from Italian boiled wool. An invisible zipper allows the cover to be removed and washed.

  • Pillow insert made from cotton fabric. Has invisible zipper to customize the amount of buckwheat hull filling

About the Brand 

Maggie Wong is originally from Brunei, where she grew up using buckwheat pillows. She learned how to recreate the pillows of her childhood and her family has been using her handmade pillows ever since. She founded Comfy Comfy in 2011 and now supports four Mennonite families in rural New York state who make the buckwheat pillows by hand. The supportive buckwheat pillows are made from eco-friendly materials and are designed to promote better sleep.