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Free Domestic Shipping Over $75

'Foraged Fragrances' Discovery Set - Perfume Sampler

Estimated Date Of Delivery: 3 - 7 Days

This perfume sampler set includes 2.5 mL spray samples of FOUR scents in our Foraged Fragrances eau de parfum collection:

▲ CRISPA { gold currant + clove } genderless spiced fruit fragrance with currants, clove bud, cardamom, davana, cognac, and amber woods

Seasonal scent pouring Sep thru Feb

▲ JUNIPERA { redcedar + saffron } classic citrus woods with juniper berry, cedarwood, leather saffron note, cardamom, and blood orange

▲ LUCIDA { wild rose + oolong } tea floral with rosewood, red fruit, milk oolong, rose de mai, jasmin, vetiver, black tea and musk

▲ MALA { crabapple + moss } fruity chypre with sunlit lemon, peppercorn, crisp apple, peony, orris and oakmoss

Each fragrance in this sampler is 2.5 mL (poured in a 3 mL glass spray bottle). The sampler kit comes packaged in a cotton jute drawstring bag and makes the perfect gift or gift add-on.

Each scent in HENNY FAIRE Co.'s Foraged Fragrance collection is inspired by a botanical species native to Appalachia. Blending precious absolutes and plant essences with vegan aromatics, these scents are naturalistic, long-wearing, and distinctive.


In a small subset of individuals, certain fragrant compounds can have a sensitizing effect (i.e., cause a skin rash).  In general, natural fragrant components are more likely to have this sensitizing effect.  ALWAYS PERFORM A PATCH TEST.

If irritation occurs, rinse with warm, soapy water and discontinue use on skin. Those with skin sensitivities can often still enjoy perfume by spraying it on clothing or fabric, rather than directly on the skin.