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Free Shipping for Orders over $75.

JUNIPERA { redcedar + saffron } Eau de Parfum | 9 ml Travel Spray

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JUNIPERA { redcedar + saffron } features resinous woods and zesty citrus with spicy, suede-like saffron. Blended with premium gin, this gender neutral fragrance is warm, aromatic, and wonderfully wild.
  • Top: red mandarin, cardamom, gin cocktail, juniper berry
  • Heart: saffron-leather, Virginia redcedar, clary sage, neroli, lavender
  • Base: Moroccan cedar, wood resins, vanilla, musks (vegan)
9 ml travel spray
Each scent in HENNY FAIRE Co.'s Foraged Fragrance collection is inspired by a botanical species native to Appalachia. Blending precious absolutes and plant essences with biodegradable, vegan aromatics, these scents are naturalistic, long-wearing, and distinctive.