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Free U.S. Shipping and Returns

Kulae STUDIOmat - All Around Multi-Use Mat


The Kulae STUDIOmat combines world-class support and durability with next-level eco-responsibility. This yoga mat is a true all-around performer that is perfect for all levels of yoga as well as Pilates, HIIT, Sculpting and Toning. 

Kulae mats are crafted at a community-conscious manufacturer, committed to using as little energy as possible. They prioritize kindness to our planet, aiming to leave no carbon footprint behind and using karmically positive materials. 

  • 72”x24”x4mm, 4.5lbs
  • Biodegradable
  • Free of latex, rubber, phthalates & heavy metal
  • Care: For best results, clean your mat using soap or organic mat cleaner and water with a sponge or cloth. Hang-dry.
  • Storage: Avoid keeping your mat in hot cars and/or direct sunlight to avoid premature decomposition.

About the Brand:

Kulae strives to create eco-friendly yoga products to create a collaborative and inclusive community that inspires a healthy, joyful lifestyle. The name "Kulae" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Kula" which means "community." Kulae is on a twofold mission to provide the most stylish and eco-friendly yoga gear on the planet while truly living the mantra: #realgoodkarma.