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Scalp Tonic Lotion 12 vials/10ml


The Scalp Tonic Lotion by ORising is formulated especially for those with sensitive scalp problems and premature hair loss. Rich in natural ingredients, this leave-in hair lotion can help with cases of hair loss or weak and thin hair.

To Use: After cleansing with shampoo and conditioner, massage contents of one vial onto the scalp with circular motions. Leave on, do not rinse. Suggested use with the Scalp Tonic Shampoo.


  • Norwegian Angelica: calming properties.
  • Juniper: antioxidant, toning, disinfectant properties.
  • Curcuma Zedoaria: purifying, antioxidant, antibacterial.
  • Sage: anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Sebum balancing properties.
  • Nettle: rich in nutritional elements such as vitamins A, C and K, minerals, calcium, silicon, magnesium, phosphorus, gallic acid, chlorophyll, tannins, carotene and histamine. Nettle can reactivate proper blood flow in the follicles.

About the Brand:

ORising hair products are crafted in Italy and formulated with globally sourced, plant-based ingredients of exceptional quality. ORising aims to solve skin and hair problems by offering unique and effective ingredients that work to deliver the best results.