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Black Friday 20% OFF SALE | Free Returns

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds (10 rounds + Washable Mesh Bag)

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Crafted from cotton and bamboo, these high-quality, pamper-soft rounds are gentle on your skin and the environment by replacing single-use cotton rounds and balls. These Reusable Cotton Rounds are soft to the touch and great for all skin types, even sensitive skin. A great eco-friendly alternative that won’t compromise on quality.

Note: Each set comes with 10 cotton/bamboo rounds and a washable mesh bag. 

• Ideal for applying your favorite toner, removing makeup, or cleansers
• Simply put the cotton rounds in your mesh bag and toss them into your washing machine to reuse again and again
• Cotton rounds are large (3" in diameter)
• Material: Bamboo fibers and cotton

About the Brand:

Co-founders Kriszta and Stephy created Moonlit - a brand that emphasizes the importance of nighttime skincare and sleep wellness, and each product engages all the senses to bring you a fuller sense of peace and clarity.