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Free Domestic Shipping Over $75

Royal Ming Imperial Tonic

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This alcohol-free softening tonic completes the cleansing process by bringing the skin into balance and providing a boost of hydration to enhance the effect of moisturizers that follow.
  • 3.4 fl oz/100mL
  • Intended for all skin types.
  • Use daily, morning and evening. Apply to entire face and neck with a cotton square after cleansing. Follow with elixir and moisturizer.


  • Red and White Tree Peony, powerful antioxidant to help balance the skin.
  • Tibetan Safflower helps to nourish the skin, providing potent hydration.
  • Wild Ginseng Root helps to regenerate, brighten, and smooth the skin.
  • Centella helps strengthen the skin and improve its resilience. 

About the Brand:

Inspired by her son’s transformational treatment with Chinese Medicine, Wei Brian created her own beauty line on the belief that more people could benefit from this traditional way of healing illness with nature. Wei Beauty uses a treasured recipe known as the Royal Ming formula to balance Yin and Yang and remove toxic elements while helping to restore and rejuvenate the skin.